SMOOTH & GOOD is an independent music promotion agency. We support artists, labels and events with online marketing, branding and PR.

We believe that people base their decisions on their feelings and emotion. When people feel good about your brand, they invest. That’s the power of branding. It’s like a relationship: You provide epic content, your fans pay you back by sharing and consuming.

Also, we believe in action rather than words. We know how to build your fan base without much effort and with little budget. Just analyse the right data, be authentic, tell your story and give fans the tools to share their enthusiasm.

We work with a broad approach, an analytical point of view and the best online tools. We have a large network and partner with great web designers, developers, copywriters, content creators, influencers and RTV promoters.

It’s easy why we love what what we do. We work for clients who share our passion. We all try to do cool things in life, creating kick-ass marketing campaigns on a daily basis just happen to be one of them.

Among our services:

# Release promotion: Fully managed campaign (marketing and press promotion) for your single or album release. # Online event marketing: Online promotion and Facebook campaign management for shows and tours. # Online branding: Grow your online fanbase.

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